Over 80 members and friends enjoyed a great evening of good food, conversation, music and song at the lovely York Racecourse Parade Ring Restaurant. We were delighted to welcome the Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Janet Looker and her consort, Mrs Patricia Castle. Unfortunately the Lord Mayor became ill during the evening, but did recover sufficiently to congratulate the Society in reaching such a milestone and noting the contribution made by Scots to the York Community and beyond.
President Marlynn is seen here cutting the special anniversary cake and this was shared with those attending. Our thanks are due to Jack Marchbank’s daughter Alison for making such a splendid cake.
A number of guests were introduced including Stephen & Elizabeth Graham who were from Teesside Caledonian Society. They had attended the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra evening and found out about our St Andrew’s night dinner and wanted to attend!

St Andrew's Night Dinner Dance-30th November 2019 
In addition President Marlynn on behalf of the Council,presented our Piper, Jim Sharpe with a special award in recognition of 25 years as the Society Piper. A well deserved award, received with much acclaim by those attending. Jim was bestowed with the award of Honorary Vice President of the Society, well deserved! [see picture]
We were entertained in music, dance and song for the rest of the evening and thanks to John Curtin for being our musician for the night, with a few songs thrown in as well!
As usual we had a few greetings from Kindred Societies, most notably from The Saint Andrew Society of the State of New York, celebrating its 263rd year!
President Marlynn cuts the cake
Jim Sharpe with his award