9th January 2020 Joanne Bull (Calm: Mindfulness, Yoga, etc.)

13th February Jill Crampton Operation Orphan
[donations of children’s clothes and sanitary products welcome]

12th March Sue Cawood (My collection of brooches)

9th April Anne Horner (Caring for life) - cancelled

14th May AGM



The Ladies Circle meets monthly for lunch

at the Novotel Hotel, York 12.30pm











On Thursday 14th November the Ladies enjoyed a lunch at the Hilton Hotel - this was a change from the usual venue due to a bit of a mix up by the Novotel, but things will be back to normal next month.

We then enjoyed listening to Graham Watson, whose talk was, "The Bee's Story". It was absolutely fascinating! What amazing insects they are - and so many different species. I thought I already knew a fair bit about bees, but after hearing Graham's talk, I realise that I actually know very little.

They are so clever, so industrious and of course so crucial to humans in the job they do, pollinating so many of our crops, giving us endless varieties of foodstuffs, which of course happens during the collection of pollen and nectar which they need to take back to the hive for the colony.

It is amazing how their small bodies are adapted to do this, but also how well the flowers play their part by producing the right colour or smell or even shape of a 'landing pad' to help them.

Mother nature is pretty wonderful!


We look forward to our Christmas meeting next month, back at the Novotel [see above for details].


Anne Murison


Lunch meeting - 14th november 2019

lunches at the novotel cancelled until further notice