46 members (including new members) and friends gathered at the RI Bowls Club in Holgate for an informal evening with a German theme. We were treated to a selection of German sausages and salad, followed by Black Forest gateau. While eating, our brains were tested with a quiz on all things German. Following this, members gave us their holiday recollections.
Ishbel & Chris Willey started by talking about their various visits to Berlin over the years, Ishbel’s first visit being in 1972. Then Chris told us about Rugen, a large holiday island in the north of Germany, with long beaches and white cliffs.
David Minns and David Magee both spoke about their time stationed with the army at various locations, which included many amusing anecdotes. Roper Langford spoke about his time there with the RAF. Jim Sharpe recalled a visit to friends in the Black Forest, meeting up with a local girl piper and both playing at a BBQ in the forest. They finished with Mussi Dem which went down well with the locals. Jim then played this for us and asked us to join in if we knew the words!
A few other members gave us their holiday recollections and Frank Paterson rounded the evening off with his memories of visits with Rotary.
A big thank you to Robert and Sue Marshall for organising this event. It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all.

Janet Sharpe

A few of the German themed prizes donated on the night. The picture also illustrates the Society's new banner.

Some of the guests deep in thought answering the German themed quiz questions!